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Diagnostic Services


Every modern car has a standardized connector that allows us to connect our specialist computer to. Using this standardized platform, we have the ability to constantly monitor performance and connect into the car’s computers as it is running. The result is we can get a diagnosis in less than 20 minutes and progress through fixing the problem.

At Express Auto we have invested in diagnostic technologies which allow us to discover a wide array of problems affecting your car. This include:

    • Service interval and service light
    • Emission data, catalytic converter condition, oxygen sensor activity
    • Engine management system including:
    • temperature sensors,
    • injection rail pressures,
    • ECU errors,
    • knock sensors
    • ABS control unit and wheel speed sensors
    • SRS airbag control unit and airbag status
    • DSC vehicle anti-skid controllers
    • Gearbox management system
    • Instrument panel and multi-function steering wheel
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Warning Lights

It’s never a good time to see a warning light on your dashboard. We’re here to take the worry out of warning lights.

Call us, and Arrange for us to Check the warning light.

Most people don’t realise they have a problem until the car fails it’s NCT, the engine warning light comes on or the car starts to run badly.

That is the time to give us a call - we can diagnose the problem causing the warning light, and explain exactly what has failed.

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